The database of social science literature offers:

  • 200,000 bibliographic records
  • 75 % of these are records of journal articles
  • literature on the subjects: social work, social pedagogy, social welfare work, assistance for aged people, nursing and special education
  • targeted search via thesaurus keywords and free catchwords
  • specialist information in the form of abstracts
  • online search via the database provider GBI-Genios
  • direct database access for more than 200 universities, universities of applied sciences and libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • direct access to scientific literature via the DZI ordering service
  • moderate fees for single queries and attractive conditions for major clients

Detailed information on the search facilities of DZI SoLit can be found at the links search in the DZI SoLit database.

alphabetical DZI thesaurus (PDF)