Literature database

It almost seems to be a Herculean task: to collect and document all publications in the field of social work and to guarantee fast access to these sources.

The literature database SoLit is aimed at this objective and is thus the core of DZI documentation work. In this database all scientific papers, monographs, collected editions and items of grey literature which have been published since the year 1979 are documented scientifically. These are currently 200,000 records. And an average number of 6,000 are added every year to the existing stock. The preparation of these data is of crucial importance for literature search. This is why search terms and keywords are assigned to each source. The thesaurus developed by DZI contains 3,500 descriptors. It is thus possible to quickly find a well-defined choice of the required literature. On request your search can be carried out by DZI employees. Search in the DZI SoLit database can easily be performed from your home computer. DZI SoLit is an online database and it is connected with search portals like GBI-Genios. Moreover, about 200 libraries, universities and higher education institutions from the entire German-speaking area are linked with DZI SoLit and offer students and scientists direct access to this database.

Literature documentation in practice

The DZI literature documentation service offers internships for students. If you are interested, please turn to the DZI administration head

Margrit Gensing
Tel. 030-839001-18

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