The Library

The DZI library is the most important specialised library for social work and welfare work in the German-speaking area.

It is the only library to collect all of the pertinent literature in the field of social work – in topical and chronological order – from about 1880 until today, including current articles as well as specialist publications in German and English. The complete collections of the “Nursing Times” from 1950 to 2002 and of the “Theorie und Praxis der Sozialen Arbeit” since 1948 are retained here.

The library’s offerings:

  • more than 75,000 media, mainly printed publications
  • the most important English specialist journals
  • a precious old stock with partly unique historical material, like the journal “Die Frau” which was founded by Helene Lange in 1893
  • monographs, specialist articles and other sources (grey literature) which have been published since 1979 are documented in the database DZI SoLit
  • all sources listed in the 200,000 entries of the database
  • competent information and advice by expert personnel
  • database search on individual issues on site or on written request
  • fast provision of literature, in original or as a copy, also via interlibrary loan

The subjects covered by the DZI library are:

  • social pedagogy, social work
  • social psychology and pedagogy
  • sociology
  • social medicine
  • social history and social policy
  • social welfare work
  • legal and administrative issues
  • child and youth care services, assistance for aged people
  • work with handicapped people

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