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The German Central Institute for Social Issues does not only document literature. It also issues a specialist journal, a series and some single publications. The main focus of the DZI publishing programme is always the dialogue between theory and practice. A well-known example is the renowned specialist journal Soziale Arbeit which deals with current developments, new theoretical approaches and a wide variety of practical examples of scientific discourse.

The series Soziale Arbeit SPEZIAL touches upon specific issues. Expert authors as well as institutions are given a platform to expound and discuss problems thoroughly.

In its almanac (Spenden-Almanach), DZI provides an annual report on the fundraising sector in Germany. The almanac gives an overview of current processes in the fundraising market and comprises the facts and figures collected by the DZI Donor Advisory Service. It contains information on the amount of donations in the reporting period, portraits of all sealed charities and a uniquely detailed statistical appendix with an overview of these charities’ income and expenditure and their most important structural features. The almanac is thus the most important handbook for donors, organizations, media and public institutions.


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