Information for Donors

What is going to happen with my donation? Will it really be used for the purpose described in the advertising? Is the organization careful in spending its financial resources? Everyone who wants to support aid projects will ask these questions. The DZI Donor Advisory Service provides answers.

The DZI Donor Advisory Service documents roughly 1,000 fundraising organizations which focus on social and environmental issues and on nature conservation. In the DZI database you can already search for information on several hundreds of these non-profit organizations. You can find there detailed portraits with evaluations of roughly 230 sealed charities and of organizations without the seal that are regularly enquired about. The online database of the Donor Advisory Service is still under construction so that almost every day further information is being added. Moreover, the DZI Donor Advisory Service answers individual questions directly. We recommend you to turn to the Donor Advisory Service if you cannot find the required information in our database, if you need general information or if you want to make a complaint.

Just send an e-mail enquiry stating your concern or the subject you want to know more about. Of course, you can also send a written enquiry to

DZI Spenderberatung
Bernadottestr. 94
14195 Berlin

If possible, please add the completed form (PDF). Thank you.

The work area “information for donors” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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