The Fundraising Sector

In terms of the German fundraising sector, the DZI Donor Advisory Service is a frequently requested consultant. Due to the documentation of many hundreds of sealed charities and particularly due to the monitoring procedures for the DZI Seal-of-Approval, the Donor Advisory Service has a comprehensive overview of the internal transactions of these organizations so that there is no other institution in Germany with a comparable know-how and expertise.

With this knowledge DZI assumes a central position even beyond the individual Donor Advisory Service. DZI regularly participates in national and international expert panels and it is consulted in the case of draft laws and research projects concerning the fundraising sector. In 2008 and 2009, DZI completed a scientific assessment of the “law to further strengthen civic engagement“ on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The almanac (Spenden-Almanach) with its specialist articles, its portraits of charities and its statistical appendix has been annually published by the DZI Donor Advisory Service since 2003 and has become a standard reference in the German fundraising sector.

For quite some time, the DZI Donor Advisory Service has been working to establish a national donation report and in autumn 2010 it published a report on donations in Germany in 2010.

Besides its own publications, DZI supports in various ways studies and publications by third parties which can enhance the understanding of the fundraising sector and can support its positive development. So it has been cooperating with the independent magazine for donations & commitment HelpTheWorld-NOW for several years. This magazine is issued, as a measure of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), by the publishing house Journal International in Munich.

In November 2011, DZI issued for the first time the newspaper supplement “Spendenmagazin” in cooperation with the magazine HelpTheWorld-NOW. This supplement, which has a circulation of 300,000 issues, provides information on the working practices of fundraising organizations and on developments in the fundraising sector.